Marion Visione-Thuring


The appearance of the world continually suggests something beyond its material meaning.

Is this art?

Time and nature modify what man has created and sometimes enrich it. And it seems that what we create indicates both the world as we know it at this moment and universal ideas and emotions that transcend the moment - intimate personal experience, yet common to us all and a sense of the universal that is more than human.

All that the artist can hope for is a deep sympathy for the world around her - to loose the distinction between herself and everything else - and out of this to create.

Aware of the flow of nature and history, Marion Visione seeks to express in her work a feeling of timelessness. Her bronze sculptures appear before us as cultural survivors - most of them suggesting the female form, they are marked and shaped by time. The artist´s aim of expressing elegant modesty and strength is achieved by the seemingly fragile construction of her work combined with their sense of either extreme dynamism or monumental stillness.